.01Customer service

As a supplier of renowned manufacturers in the field of drive technology, we offer you the best service for the products and services related to our product range. Our departments “Sales” & amp; “Service” take care of your concerns and support you with questions about our products. Our sales team will be happy to assist you before, during and after the purchase. Our competent employees are always there for you and create or plan the right drive for you according to your needs. If you have questions about our gearboxes, gearmotors or our electric motors, you are welcome to contact our sales representatives Mr. Giuseppe Caruso or Mr. Alexander Lindner: phone: 07471-93010-37                  email:  g.caruso@gemoteg.de phone: 07471-93010-38                  email:  a.lindner@gemoteg.de Are you interested in electronic controls or frequency converters, please contact our sales representatives Mr. Lars Härter or Mr. Stefan Lachenmaier: phone: 07471-93010-35                   email:  l.haerter@gemoteg.de phone: 07471-93010-44                  email:  s.lachenmaier@gemoteg.de If you have any further questions about our products or our service, please do not hesitate to contact our responsible service employee Mr. A. Gerasch(a.gerasch@gemoteg.de) phone number 07471-93010-43 or contact our central office (info@gemoteg.de) phone number  07471-93010-30

.02Modular system

You have got any special needs or wishes? No problem! We offer you the possibility to customize your gearmotor or drive individual . Through our own assembly as well as our comprehensive product portfolio we are flexible and can fulfill your special requests. Due to our individuality, we can perfectly respond to your ideas and offer you an immense variety of other possibilities in addition to our standard products. Get in contact with us and explain your special request. Together we will find the appropriate solution for your drive case.

.03Available series

In addition, we also supply geared motors and drive components from the following Italian manufacturers and series:
  • Hydromec Series VSF, RCX, F, QB
  • Varmec Series VAR, RCV
  • Varvel Series FRT, FRS
  • SITI Series I, MI
  • Motovario Series NMRV, TXF, SF
  • POGGI Series 2000, 4000, 5000
  • Tramec Series TC, TF, ZA, ZF, RA, RC, RF, PA, PC
  • Var Spe Series K2-K5, A2-A12,15-22B
  • Possamai Series VF
  • STM Series RMU, RMI, VM, Z
  • Bonfiglioli Series MVF, MAS, VF, W, C, S, VBA, VBG
  • UniCe Series W, JM, R
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