Three-phase motors

In general three-phase motors are electric motors which are built after the valid norms as asynchronous three-phase motors. The asynchronous motor is the most common used electric motor with power up to several megawatts. A big advantage compared with brush-operated DC motors is the absence of brushes because brushes wear out and generate sparks. Therefore the power network could be disturbed by high frequency vibrations. However, not only the higher power but also the better synchronisation due to the steady power output on the shaft is a big advantage of the three-phase motors.


The GEMOTEG three-phase motors of the new generation in the aluminium housing are produced according to our regulations and after ISO 9001. They are characterized by their multi-mounting aluminium housing as well as by a protection class IP55/ISO F, by a ZZ-bearing and by the IEC conformity. Three-phase motors are also suitable for frequency inverter operation. Deliverable with PTC thermistors, bimetallic element-switch PTO and with external fan.


Our three-phase motors are built after the following norms:


– Rotary electric machines

– Efficiency classes IEC60034-30

– Nominal values and company qualities: IEC 60034-1

– Protective kinds: IEC 60034-5

– Chill procedures: IEC 60034-6

– Name for construction forms and installation: IEC 60034-7

– Connection name and rotary sense: IEC 60034-8/p>

– Noise limit values: IEC 60034-8

– Approach behaviour of cage runner’s engines with 50 hertz: IEC 60034-12

– Mechanical oscillations: IEC 60034-14

– Norm tensions IEC: IEC 38


The big clamp box or connection box of aluminium is swivelling around 4 x 90 °. For the overall sizes from 56 to 80 this is provided with a cable screw connection. With the overall sizes from 90 to 160 a cable screw connection and a locking stopper exist. The positioning of the clamp box is any on the right ones as well as on the left side by adjustment of the feet realizable.


Of course you receive our three-phase current engines as an engine IE3 or under use of a frequency inverter in IE2 as well as with tilled gear as gear engines. On inquiry with pleasure also as an explosion-protected engine by directives ATEX.


You can download extensive, technical details to yourselves in our Downloadarea

Three-phase motors


Technical data

  • All common foundations forms B3, B5, B14A, B35 and B34A available as well as B5B, B5C, B14B, B14C with reinforced storage
  • Engine power area of 0.06 to 200 kW available
  • In the basic implementation correspond the engines of the protective kind IP55
  • The engines are own-ventilated (intercity train 411) with radial fans of plastic
  • Poles from 2 to 8-pole available

Material & construction

  • Cases and camp sign are of aluminium
  • From size 90 the camp seats are provided with steel sockets
  • Screwed on feet can be fastened alternatively right or left
  • Equipped with bearings of famous manufacturers like SKF, NSK or NTN
  • All runners are balanced with inlaid half a passport feather dynamically after swinging strength step N. Swinging strength step R or page on inquiry.