Switch cabinets & control systems

Each electrically operated machine requires at least one on / off switch. Mostly, however, this results in a much less expensive control cabinet with fuses, relays, contactors, switches, etc. Frequently, the required components expand to include frequency inverters, PLC / PLC soft starters and door displays.


We supply these control systems and control cabinets individually tailored to your needs – complete with the associated supply lines, control and motor cables.


Upon request, also ready wired with the corresponding, to be driven electric motors.


We are happy to put together a complete drive with gearbox, electric motor and control cabinet according to your wishes – please contact us by phone or send us an inquiry or use our contact formular.For extensive technical information about our control and control cabinets we are also at your disposal.


Switch cabinets and controllers

Switch cabinets and controllers


  • Switches, relays, fuses
  • Soft starter SPS / PLC
  • Display
  • Radio remote control
  • Motor and control cables


  • Frequency inverter from HITACHI
  • In conjunction with mounted electric motor possible