Hydrostatic speed variators

VAR-SPE speed variators, the adjustment takes place via many different adjusting devices, such as e.g. by means of a handwheel, electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically. The adjustment range is always between 1400- 0-1400 rpm, this means that the reversal of the direction of rotation takes place in the gearbox itself. & nbsp; The electric motor is not reversed.


The Var-Spe variable speed gearbox uses the advantage of hydraulics through the use of oil. This means that at a high breakaway torque, the internal pressure increased so far that the output shaft ruptures the drive. The max. motor power is between 0.37 and 22.0 kW depending on the type. Hydrostatic variable speed gearboxes are ideal for use in explosion-proof areas, as all parts run in an oil bath and there is no mechanical friction.


GEMOTEG delivers these hydrostatic variable speed gearboxes with attached electric motors and gearboxes within a very short time. We are happy to meet your individual needs. This results in a variety of applications in the entire machine and plant construction.


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Technical data

  • Motor power range from 0.37 – 22.0 kW kW can be added
  • Torque from 0.5 to 250 Nm
  • Adjustment range 1400 – 0 – 1400 1 / min


  • Special flanges
  • Special shafts
  • Special feet
  • Handwheel or electrical adjustment