Single phase motor

Our single-phase motors, also known as AC motors, come standard with operating capacitor and find their applications specifically in the fire-fighting equipment and in the home. For improved / enhanced start-up performance we recommend our single-phase motors with start-up and run capacitor. The start-up capacitor increases this Starting torque of the electric motor from 70% to 130%. The largest available power offered by us is 3.0 kW – for the German market, however, only single-phase motors with a power of up to 2.2 kW can be used. Upon request, we can also supply you with our single-phase motors in UL and CSA-compliant design. You can use the identification file numbers E176350 for UL and LR109925 for CSA for the motors.


All listed single-phase motors / AC motors can be supplied with country-specific connection voltages as well as with brake. On request, our single-phase motors are also available as explosion-proof motors according to ATEX directives as well as directly with mounted gearboxes as geared motors.


Extensive, technical details about our electric motors can be found in our download area .

Single phase motor

Single phase motor

Technical data

  • Power range from 0,09 -3,0 kW
  • Poles: 2-, 4-, 6-poles
  • Size IEC56 – IEC100
  • Design B3, B5, B14, B34, B35 available

Protection & Options

  • Protection class IP56 und IP65, IP55 for break
  • Insulation class H
  • Tropical insulation
  • Special voltage
  • B3 terminal box in position 2-KKL
  • 1×230 V symmetrical winding


  • Motor shaft
  • Motor flange
  • PTC thermistor
  • PTO bimetallic