SETEC servo actuators & electric servo actuators

The Italian manufacturer specializes in particular in linear drives, spindle lifting gearboxes and mechatronic servo systems like servo actuators. For 40 years now, SETEC has played a leading role in the field of mechatronic automation and can therefore draw on a comprehensive experience. We offer servo actuators as well as electric servo actuators from SETEC from stock or with very short delivery times.


The actuators with ball screws are available in nine different sizes and offer high dynamics and mounting solutions according to ISO 15552: 2004. You have the choice of three different drive options (stepper, brushless, custom) as well as two reduction ratios (1: 1, 2: 1). The linear velocity can be up to 1,600 mm / s.


The electric servo actuators and electric linear drives, on the other hand, are available in six different sizes and offer an orthogonal drive for industrial applications. The maximum nominal force of the drives is 100 kN and the linear speed can be up to 78 mm / s. Due to the compact and robust design an optimal adaptation to special requirements is offered.


Extensive technical details as well as further information can be found at .


All Servo and electric servo actuators of the company SETEC are delivered to you even with mounted electric motor within shortest time. If you have any further questions regarding this roduct please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Sales and Service Team will be glad to assist you with your questions.


Servo acutators

Servo lift cylinder

Electric servo actuators

Electric cylinders

Technical data – Servo actuators

  • The following sizes are available: IMO32 | IMO40 | IM050 | IMO63 | IMO80 | IM100 | IM100 HL | IM125 | IM160
  • Robust design according to the modular system in compliance with ISO 15552: 2004
  • Linear speed up to 1600 mm / s
  • Maximum nominal force up to 120 kN
  • 2 reduction ratios available: 1: 1 & 2: 1

Technical data – Spindle lifting gears

  • The following sizes are available: ECO1 | ECO2 | ECO3 | ECO25 | ECO50 | ECO100
  • Linear speed up to 78 mm / s
  • Maximum nominal force equal to 100 kN
  • Drive by means of three-phase / single-phase DC / AC motor
  • On request, special models or special processing