Planetary speed variators

Our variators have an adjustment range of 1: 5 and are able to adjust the outgoing speed & nbsp; in the range of approx. 200 … .1000 1 / min. There is the possibility of adjusting manually by means of a & nbsp; adjustment handwheel or electrically e.g. by using an electric motor. The maximum, mountable engine power is 7.50 kW. Together with a mounted transmission, e.g. a worm gear, there are a variety of possible applications in the industrial sector. 


We also supply our planetary speed variators with attached electric motor as planetary worm gearmotors.


Extensive, technical details can be found in our downloadarea .

Planetary speed variator with gearmotor

Planetary speed variator with worm gear

Technical data

  • Available for all gear types
  • Motor power range from 0.12 to 4.0 kW can be added
  • Torque from 2 to 3,500 Nm
  • Adjustment range 1: 5
  • Special version with an adjustment between 0 … .1000 1 / min possible