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Costly stock keeping and tiresome screwing in the connection of engine and gearbox belong to the past.
Article Gearboxes with input coupling


The clutch gearboxes not only offer many practical advantages but also contribute to cost optimization. Until now, the connection of the individual components of a geared motor has been complex and requires the use of tools. The gearbox is attached to the flange of a motor using screws and screwdrivers. Making this connection takes some time and can only be realized if the corresponding material is available. Depending on the size of the gearbox not only the size of the screws and the tool varies but also the size of the motor. Only a few motors of different sizes can be attached to a specific gearbox size. The biggest disadvantage of this common mounting method is the stocking of the different required sizes in stock. In the end, one has to decide between increased costs for warehousing or less flexibility in custom conversion.


In order to solve these everyday problems, the Italian gear manufacturer came up with the idea of adding a corresponding product to the portfolio. The goal was to be able to react even better and more easily to customer-specific wishes without having to bear even higher costs (...)


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