Help for the community school Horgenzell


It's not always about worm gears and electric motors. A class trip to the Sportcamp Inzell - that was the wish of grade 7 of the Gemeinschaftsschule Horgenzell. In the last few months, the students and their class teacher have started many projects to fill the class with enough money for all students. Most of the budget could be earned by a stand on the Christmas market and various cake sales, but it was still missing money for a long-awaited visit to the famous salt mine Berchtesgarden. We learned about the desire of the students and decided to support them. We handed over the required tickets in the form of a donation over 500 euro last week to the responsible class teacher Mrs. Ardemani. "I come from Ravensburg myself and Horgenzell is around the corner with me. To support the pupils of the community school is a matter of the heart for me. ", So our sales manager Manfred Gindele at the handing over of the donation check. With this donation, the budget for the school trip is now complete this coming June and all 44 students can start the journey.