On the traces of the antiquity


Where today a popular open-air museum stands lived and worked till approx. 1700 years ago the Romans who settled in Südwestdeutschland. About 6 km away from GEMOTEG & Co. KG stands this historical site and was rebuilt in the course of the excavations as much as possible. Now beside the already restored villa Rustica another temple arrangement on the area of the open-air museum was found.


So that this can be restored needed the conveyor association Roman open-air museum inc. support. Because we could not help here with gearboxes or electric motors, we decided on a financial support.


Accordingly we have resolved to support the excavations with a sum of 1,000 Euro. We have handed the cheque on site to the first chairperson of the conveyor association Mr. Gerd Schollian.


We wish a lot of success with the excavations and the restoration of the temple arrangement and hope that we could make a suitable contribution to it.


In this sense:


- Audaces fortuna adiuvat -
(The luck helps the courageous)