Motor mounted frequency inverter MFR

  • Connection 1x230V or 3x400V
  • Power 0.37 to 2.20kW

Our motor mounted frequency inverters of the MFR 600, MFR 1500 and MFR 3000 series are built on three-phase motors. The speeds of these motors are steplessly controlled in the frequency range between 0 – 150 Hz (up to 600 Hz as high frequency version.


Frequency inverters for motor mounting are designed to be mounted directly on the electric motor to be controlled instead of the terminal box. When using appropriate seals, protection ratings up to IP68 are possible. Furthermore assembly on the electric motor is mainly because of the fact that the electrical connections to the engine are within the closed metal housing. Thereby the radio interference is significantly facilitated. In addition, the elimination of the motor cable, the electrical installation is much easier. By eliminating the cable capacitances, both the power loss of the inverter and the voltage stress of the motor is lower.


The drive controllers work with a clock frequency of approx. 10 kHz (switchable to 16 kHz). This ensures excellent running smoothness and smooth running even at low speeds.

Also the devices are available for 2-quadrant and 4-quadrant operation. (Driving in both directions). Braking is possible up to the power corresponding to the power loss of the electric motor. During the slow down the motor is over-excited (with overvoltage).


  • In ‘normal operation’ the frequency range extends to 150 Hz
  • In ‘pump mode’, the maximum frequency is limited to 55 Hz and the ramp is set to 5 sec
  • In ‘high frequency operation’, the maximum frequency can be set up to 600 Hz
  • The operating mode ‘Long Ramp’ switches the setting range of the ramp time from 0.2 -15 sec to 4-300 sec (referring to a frequency jump of 150 or 600 Hz)
  • In motorized mode, the engine speed is set with 2 buttons

Extensive, technical details about our motor mounted frequency inverters (MFR series) can be found in our  downloadarea

Frequency inverter motor MFR

Frequency inverter motor MFR

Technical data

  • Motor power range 1 x 230 V – 0.25 – 1.50 kW
  • Voltage 3 x 400 V – 1,50 – 2,20 kW
  • Protection class up to IP65
  • Switch right-0-left