Gearboxes / Gearmotors

We offer you a wide range of different gearboxes and gearmotors with 230 V as well as with 24 V available directly from stock. We receive our gearboxes mainly from our Italian main supplier HYDRO-MEC who stands for the highest quality and reliability. On account of different gear types we can offer you flexibility and find for every drive case the suitable solution. Because of our internal assembly departement we are able to satisfy your individual customer wishes and to create your gearmotor according to your demands – with pleasure also in connection with the suitable frequency inverter.


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  • Power : 0,09 – 160kW
  • Torque : 2 – 670.000 Nm
  • Aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel housing
  • ATEX II-2GD/D – up to IP66

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worm gearboxes / worm gearmotors

worm gearmotor
Power 0,09 – 15 kW
Torque 2 – 1.700 Nm
Ratio i 7 – 100.000
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Helical gearbox / Helical gearmotor

Helical gearbox
Power 0,09 – 7,50 kW
Torque 10 – 520 Nm
Ratio i 1,2 – 480
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Bevel helical gearbox / Bevel helical gearmotor

Bevel helical gearmotor
Power 0,09 – 160 kW
Torque 20 – 4.600 Nm
Ratio i 5 – 800
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Shaft mounted gearbox / Shaft mounted gearmotor

Shaft mounted gearbox
Power 0,09 – 30 kW
Torque 50 – 2.200 Nm
Ratio i 3 – 680
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Planetary gearbox / Planetary gearmotor

Planetary gearmotor
Power 0,09 – 570 kW
Ratio i 3 – 343
Backlash > 4
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K-worm gearbox / K-worm gearmotor

K-worm gearmotor
Power 0,09 – 7,5 kW
Torque 2 – 850 Nm
Ratio i 5 – 10.000
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DC-Planetary gearbox / DC-Planetary gearmotor

DC-Planetary gearmotor
Power 0,05 – 1,10 kW
Torque 0,2 – 400 Nm
Ratio i 4 – 1.296
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Bevel gearbox / Bevel gearmotor

Bevel gearmotor
Power 0,06 – 30,0 kW
Torque 2 – 600 Nm
Ratio i 1 – 4
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GEMOclean® stainless steel gearmotors

dertec stainless steel worm gear
Power 0,09 – 7,5 kW
Torque 20 – 460 Nm
Ratio i 7 – 100
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Speed Variators

  • Friction variator
  • Planetary variator
  • Belt variator
  • Motor mounted inverter
  • Hydrostatic variator
  • Also as ATEX II-2GD/D

Planetary variator

Planetary variator
Power 0,12 – 4,0 kW
Torque 2 – 3.500 Nm
Speed Range 1 : 5
All gearboxes  
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Friction variator

Friction variator
Power 0,12 – 3,0 kW
Torque 2 – 3.500 Nm
Speed Range 1 : 5
All gearboxes  
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Hydrostatic variator

Hydrostatic variator
Power 0,18 – 22,0 kW
Torque 0,5 – 250 Nm
Speed Range 0 – 1400 – 0 Upm
Overload protection  
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Overview of the advantages

Speed variators are designed according to provide straight quality control at every production stage. The aim is to provide a variable speed drive which is reliable, easy to assemble and which complies to safety guidelines in many different areas (such as explosive atmospheres, food & beverage industry and many more).


In comparison to other drives the speed variators have many advantages.


Because of the high pressures that can be reached the speed variator achieves a high torque even at low revolutions. Due to the wide range of different variators like friction variators, planetary variators, belt variator, hydrostatic variators or variators with motor mounted inverters the drives can be operated in difficult environments such as dust, extreme temperatures or water.


Furthermore they are characterized by their reliability. The adjustment of the speed is always accurate because it is done by modifying the stroke of the pistons. The sensitive components of the speed variators are less subject to wear and tear as they are always lubricated. Thanks to this a long service life can be guaranteed. This durability, also for connectet components like the electric motor (the motor will not be stressed out because it is running at the same speed like the variator), means a high cost-effectiveness. However, one of the biggest advantages is the simplicity of use. there is nothing to program, it is easy to install and intuitive to use.