Friction variators

Friction variators have been proven, simple and robust speed controllers for many decades.

We offer as a distributor of the Italian company  VARMEC – one of the few Italian manufacturers of such friction variators – the great advantage of a delivery time “ex warehouse” or within a few days from extensive stock.


VARMEC- Friction variators from type VAR with graphite friction ring in cast iron housing with an adjustment range of 1: 5 are available in both foot and flange versions in 5 different sizes(VAR 2…VAR30) available.These friction variators type VAR can be designed either as a pure adjusting gear or with up to 2 transmission precursors for further speed reduction. The adjustment handwheel can be tilted on both sides or replaced by an electrical adjustment.


GEMOTEG GmbH & Co. KG equips these friction gears with motor powers between 0.12 and 3.00 kW. This results in torques up to 750Nm.


Realizable speeds:

Minimum n2: 7,5 – 7,4 1/min,

Maximum n2: 350 – 1750 1/min – n1:1400 1/min


VARMEC friction gear units with hardened output shafts made of 39 Ni Cr Mo3 or 18 Ni Cr Mo5 UNI7846 as well as with transverse bore or special design.


Extensive, technical details can be found in our downloadarea  or you can contact us.


Further information about the company VARMEC you get here.

Technical data

  • Motor power range from 0.12 to 3.0 kW kW can be added
  • Torque from 2 – 750 Nm
  • Adjustment range 1:5


  • Special flanges
  • Special shafts
  • Special feet
  • Handwheel or electrical adjustment