Double speed motors

Compared to normal three-phase motors with a fixed speed pole-changing three-phase motors usually have 2, sometimes 3 different, also fixed speeds. These result from the respective number of motor poles.


The use of frequency inverters has greatly reduced the use of pole-changing motors.


Most are still 2/4-pole motors with speeds 2800/1400 1 / min used.
These as well as the following numbers of poles are available individually tailored to you:


4/8pol –> Speed 1400/700 1/min + 2/6pol –>Speed 2800/900 1/min
4/6pol –> Speed 1400/900 1/min + 2/8pol -> Speed 2800/700 1/min
4/8pol -> Speed 1400/700 1/min as well as combinations with 10 & 12-pol motors and with 3 different speeds.


The new generation GEMOTEG three-phase AC motors in aluminum housing are manufactured according to our regulations and to ISO 9001. They are characterized by a multi-mounting aluminum housing; Degree of protection IP55 / Iso F; ZZ bearings and IEC standards compliance. In addition, they are suitable for frequency converter operation. Also available with PTC thermistor sensor, PTO temperature bimetallic contact or forced cooling fan. 


Of course you will also receive our electric motors with attached gearboxes as geared motors – individually according to your needs.


Extensive, technical details can be found in our downloadareaor you get in contact via our contact formular.

Double speed motors

Double speed motors

Technical data

  • Available types: B3, B14, B34, B5, B35
  • Motor power range from 0.06 – 200 kW available
  • Protection up to IP55 / F
  • Possible pole numbers: 2/4, 2/6, 2/8, 4/6, 4/8 and 10 & 12 poles
  • Mounting dimensions according to IEC

Material & Options

  • Housing and end shields are made of aluminum
  • Equipped with ZZ-C3 bearings of well-known manufacturers such as SKF or NSK or NTN
  • PTC thermistor sensor
  • Temperature bimetallic contact PTO
  • External fan


  • Special flanges
  • Special shafts
  • Further equipment possible